Construction of Murrulla zen gardens: courtyard (April- May 2020)

Water fills pot via rainchain then drains to water tanks. Yebisu, god of good fortune, looks over the garden.

Scleranthus bifolar are moss-like alpine plants that grow into mounds. Nandina domestus (dwarf bamboo) add autumn colour.

Dark bamboo panels from Indonesia were bought at Sandy Beach on the coast.


Short movies of rain tinkling down the rain chain- Hit the play and full screen buttons below. If you get the message" “No video with supported format and MIME type found” try each one of these in turn until everything’s working again: 1) Update your browser, 2) Clear browser cookies and cache, 3) Disable browser add-ons, or 4) Try another browser

Second zen garden (June - August 2020)

Step 1: Dig up the existing garden and move plants, including many bulbs, to other garden areas. Prune roses!

Step 2: Pay too much attention to friends who don't have to do the work, and expand the garden!

Step 3: Design the 10.6m by 2.6m Zen2 garden. Purchase materials including 120cm Oribe lantern and 60cm Tetsu-batsi water bowl from Imperial Gardens and Prunus Serrulata 'Kiki-shidare-sakura', Prunus subhirtella 'Falling Snow' and Acer palmatum dissectum ''Orangeola' from Black Mountain Nursery

Step 4: Install water feature, including bamboo spout, pond reservoir and lining and solar water pump.

Final Step 5: Plant shrubs, lay out moss, place rocks, spread and rake sand, make bamboo ladle and screen, spread scoria.

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